About Us

United Hay Sales Inc. has been owned and operated by Terri Freda and family, since 1996. Over the past several years United Hay has grown tremendously in our offerings to become a one stop shopping experience. We are located on the corner of Hwy 326 and Hwy 27 near H.I.T.S. We pride ourselves in having reasonable prices and excellent service that includes delivery in Levy and Marion counties. Our hours of operation are Mon. through Friday 8am to 6pm and Sat. 8am to 1pm. We accept all major credit cards, checks and cash.

. We are also home to the very popular Yum Yum’s  kitchen which provides fresh, tasty cuisine for breakfast and lunch Mon-Fri. 8am-2:30pm.



We have 2 store cats and Suzy. (She isn't always a pirate)

We have 2 store cats and Suzy. (She isn’t always a pirate)